Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is India Ready for On-demand recruitment software?

Yes, this is the most relevant question today. While most software vendors are speaking incessantly about SaaS, the question is can we really work with an on-demand recruitment software solution?

This might sound cynical but there are certain questions that have to be considered while choosing an on-demand recruitment software India.  

®    Do you have a reliable bandwidth?
®    Can you trust someone else with your data?
®    Can you work with a standard software without any customizations?
®    Are you fine with having no control over the software that you use?
®    Are you prepared to go through the cumbersome process of data migration in case you are not happy with your vendor?

In case all your answers are in affirmative, you should go ahead and consider the SaaS model of deployment.

However if you are doubtful about even one of the answers, stop and think! Probably you will be better off with an on-premise deployment if you

®    Want to retain ownership – Though you reduce the capital investment when you opt for a SaaS model, you never own the software. In case of an on-premise application from the day you pay for the license. The license is your investment and not an expense.

®    Need to customize the software – With SaaS you receive standard updates and features which you may or might not require. However if you follow set processes and need to customize you software to follow your needs, opt for an on-premise software that allows easy configurability.

®    Want to gain control – Most of the on-demand vendors change their software to follow the requirements of the majority of their customers. At time even when these changes do not suit your needs, you might have to alter your way of working to keep pace with your vendor.

®    Want to secure your data – Data Security is often the issue of concern for most users. However established SaaS vendors do ensure security of your data, which might not be the case with newer players in the market.

On-demand models are here to stay! But do check whether they fit into business your requirements.
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